The last few years have been exciting with our multi-award winning film, Mea Culpa, which enjoyed its theatrical release in July 2019 and our first feature,  through a dark mirror distributed in July 2020. Next up is our co-production with Silent D Films, Daemon Mind which completed filming in summer 2020.


We also have several other feature films at various stages of development and pre-production including sci-fi thriller, Dimension Slip, supernatural comedy, Bernie Davis - Plumber & Exorcist and Hollywood biopic, The Misadventures of Errol Flynn. We are also developing the first film in our Olympians franchise series - Hermes and the Blood of the Gorgons.

Feature Film
A psychological thriller
Released July 2020
Mea Culpa_Poster_Vertical.jpg
23 min Short Film
 A dark drama.
Filmed 2018
Daemon Mind poster 1
Strangers and Neighbours poster 2.jpeg
Feature Film
A horror drama.
Filming completed summer 2020
Feature Film
A lockdown drama
Released: Summer 2020
Feature Film
Sci-Fi Murder-Mystery
Filming late 2020
Feature Film
Time-travel romance.
In development.
The Misadventrures.jpg
Feature Film
Supernatural comedy
 Preston Undercover episode
Filming summer 2021
Feature Film
Hollywood biopic
In development.
Feature Film
Mythic - Action Adventure
First film in a 10 film franchise.
In development.

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