The last few years have been  extremely exciting with our multi-award winning film, Mea Culpa, which enjoyed its theatrical release in July 2019 and our first feature,  through a dark mirror distributed in July 2020. We shot two feature films in 2020 (Daemon Mind and Strangers and Neighbours) and one short film, The Horror, The Horror, which will comprises part of our Nocturnes anthology feature series. Our latest feature Dimension Slip is shooting November 2021 and our reality defying short, Time To Dance To Time is shooting in December. 
We also have several other feature films at various stages of development and pre-production including time-travel romance, 1914 - An Adventure in Time, supernatural comedy, Bernie Davis - Plumber & Exorcist and Hollywood biopic, The Misadventures of Errol Flynn. We are also developing the first film in our Olympians franchise series - Hermes and the Blood of the Gorgons.

Feature Film
A psychological thriller
Released July 2020
Mea Culpa poster.png
23 min Short Film
 A diabolical drama.
Filmed 2018
DAEMON_MIND_Poster_Group_NEW (Confidential) (1).jpg
Feature Film
A horror drama.
Filmed Summer 2020
Feature Film
A lockdown drama
Filmed Summer 2020
THTH Poster_Web Version.jpg
12 min Short Film
Metaphysical Horror Comedy
Coming soon
Short Film
Filmed in the City of London February 2021
Feature Film
Sci-Fi Murder-Mystery
Filming Nov-Dec 2021
Short Film
Metaphysical swashbuckler
 Part of the Nocturnes Anthology

In Development

Feature Film
Time-travel romance.
Feature Film
Mythic - Action Adventure
First film in a 10 film franchise.
The Misadventrures.jpg
Feature Film
Hollywood biopic
Feature Film
Supernatural comedy
 Preston Undercover episode