Peracals have over five years experience in producing original work for the London stage, most notably the long running- comedy sketch series, the313show. More recently we have enjoyed success with two productions of our Biblical comedy, God - the Untold Story. We have recently developed the play Between Two Worlds, written by Penny Black and based on the true-life bestseller, The Gift of Alzheimer's by Maggie La Tourelle, which will be directed by Jake Murray.  


We are also relaunching God - the Untold Story and developing a satirical comedy, Welcome to Your Apocalypse and our first musical, The Devil's Cabaret.

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Image by Carolyn V



Untold  Story

Retelling of the myth of Orpheus
In development.
Drama based on the
book 'The Gift of Alzheimer's'
by Maggie La Tourelle
Biblical Comedy
God appears on a chat show to give His version of events.
Satirical Comedy
A patient escapes from a mental asylum & becomes President.

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