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Peracals have over six years experience in producing original work for the London stage, most notably the long running- comedy sketch series, the313show. More recently we have enjoyed success with two productions of our Biblical comedy, God - the Untold Story. We have recently developed the play Between Two Worlds, written by Penny Black and based on the true-life bestseller, The Gift of Alzheimer's by Maggie La Tourelle, which will be directed by Jake Murray.  


We are also relaunching God - the Untold Story and developing a satirical comedy, Welcome to Your Apocalypse and our first musical, The Devil's Cabaret. Due to the ongoing Covid situation we our stage projects are on hiatus and several are being adapted for audio release.

BTW_V6 (1).jpg
Image by Carolyn V



Untold  Story

Retelling of the myth of Orpheus
In development.
Drama based on the
book 'The Gift of Alzheimer's'
by Maggie La Tourelle
Biblical Comedy
God appears on a chat show to give His version of events.
Satirical Comedy
A patient escapes from a mental asylum & becomes President.
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