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'Nobody wants to stare at a couple of hairy Balls when they are trying to enjoy their soup'

GENRE:  Comedy

Starring: Ben Alborough, Mark Burgess, Emily Dilworth, Lara Gallagher, James Haymer, Derek Parry, Eileen Skopnik, Richard Skopnik Rikki Stone, Marina Tapakoudes and Alexander Tol

Written by Jason Fité

Directed by: Jason Fité & Eileen Skopnik

Produced by: Eileen Skopnik

Edited by: Richard Skopnik

Recorded in Hammersmith & Kingston Upon Thames, London 2019/2020




Many of the sketches were first performed as part of the313show




An original comedy sketch show - 'A Sketchy Affair'  –  consisting of twenty-five funny, peculiar and funnily peculiar sketches wrapped up in a deliciously, delightful package of five episodes, or if you are feeling exceptionally extravagant, one bumper hamper of comedic nibbles and curious quibbles.


​'A Sketchy Affair' includes the following irregulars…


​- Our expert on all things thespian-esque, the ultra-luvvie Geoffrey Tiffenboy, who presents his intimate and insightful guide to ‘The Actor’s Art’, with super special guests, Dame Judi of Dench, Audrey Hepburn and … Danny Dyer.

- Our resident super-psychic, Mystic Babs reveals your future with her peculiarly precise predictions.

- Catch up on all the saucy shenanigans and aristocratic antics in our scandalous series, Going Downtown on Abbey.


- Find out what happened to Jay Bond after he handed in his license to thrill.

- Other generally amusing sketches such as Speedstalking, Chekhov for Beginners, The Whack Job, Office Satanism and many more.


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