Welcome to Peracals Audio! We are releasing a selection of original comedies, dramas and adaptations from our exclusive catalogue, which will be available to download on Audible, and directly from our online Audio Store. We are also in the process of adapting our stage productions for audio, such as the play Between Two Worlds, written by Penny Black and based on the true-life bestseller, The Gift of Alzheimer's by Maggie La Tourelle, which is being directed by Jake Murray. Also we are creating new versions of classics such as Euripides' Medea and The Bacchae and Sartre's No Exit.

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Untold  Story

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Comedy Sketch Show
5 Episodes
 Available now
Audiobook of the Biblical  Comedy Stage play.
Available now.
Audiobook of the stageplay
Available now.

Drama written by Penny Black based on the book 'The Gift of Alzheimer's' by Maggie La Tourelle. With Juliet Stevenson & Jane Lapotaire.

Bringing you the truth you don't want to know
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Audiobook of the  
Drama by Suzanne Arnold
Available 2022
Audioplay of the Time-Travel Romance script. 
2022 release
Unreal Investigative Documentary Series
Available 2022
More details to follow...
Audiobook based on the
 2022 release
Audiobook of the
Satirical Stage play
In development.
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More details to follow...
Psychiatric Drama Series
In development.