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A Sketchy Affair

Welcome to Peracals Audio! Over the next few months we will be releasing a selection of original comedies, dramas and adaptations from our exclusive catalogue. These will be available to download via on Amazon Audible/Spotify/Itunes. 







Our first release is an original comedy sketch show, A Sketchy Affair –twenty-five funny peculiar and funny peculiar sketches wrapped up in a deliciously delightful package of five episodes, or if you are feeling exceptionally extravagant, one bumper hamper of comedic nibbles and curious quibbles.

A Sketchy Affair includes the following irregulars…

- Our expert on all things thespianesque, ultra-luvvie Geoffrey Tiffenboy, who presents his intimate and insightful guide to ‘The Actor’s Art’, with super special guests, Dame Judi of Dench, Audrey Hepburn and … Danny Dyer.


- Our resident super-psychic, Mystic Babs reveals your future with her
peculiarly precise predictions.


- Catch up on all the saucy shenanigans and aristocratic antics in our
scandalous serial, Going Downtown on Abbey.


- Find out what happened to Jay Bond after he handed in his license to thrill.

- Other generally amusing sketches such as Speedstalking, Chekhov for
Beginners, The Whack Job
and Office Satanism.


Starring Alexander Tol, Emily Dilworth, Rikki Stone, Lara Gallagher, Derek Parry, Marina Tapakoudes, James Haymer, Eileen Skopnik and Mark Burgess.

Written  by Jason Fité

Directed by  Jason Fité & Eileen Von Skopnik

Produced by Eileen Von Skopnik

Edited by Richard Skopnik

Recorded in Hammersmith & Kingston Upon Thames , London 2019/2020

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