'I suspect that we are about to start living in interesting times.'

GENRE: Medical/Psychiatric Drama

REFERENCES: House,Grey's Anatomy

Written & Directed: Jason Fité

Produced: Eileen Skopnik

Mastered: Richard Skopnik

Recorded in London Bridge and Kingston upon Thames 2019/2020




Many of the cases depicted are actually based on reality.


Story Synopsis



Behind the walls of Eden Falls stately façade the over-worked doctors struggle to treat their celebrity clients while dealing with their own emotional issues and the complications of their own lives and relationships.


Struggling financially, the owners of Eden Falls decide to allow the trial of a controversial new drug on their patients.

Episode 1: Cracked Actor

A famous film star suffers a breakdown on set and is admitted to Eden Falls.


‘Early morning in the madhouse is my favourite time of day. Those quiet, still moments just before life begins.’


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