That's a Wrap! We've just finished filming - Daemon Mind - Starring Acha Septriasa. It's been such a pleasure to work with such a talented team. Huge thanks to everyone!

AUGUST 2020:

 'No rest for the wicked' After having just finished - Strangers and Neighbours - We jumped straight into rehearsals for our next feature - Daemon Mind - Starring Acha Septriasa.

JULY 2020:

 We are happy to announce that we recently finished filming our feature film - Strangers and Neighbours - It's been a great experience and we look forward to sharing the finished film with you soon!

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JULY 2020:

Strangers and Neighbours character 'Norman' has given us his list of top 20 x Films ever made and we are happy to share that with you here. This will inspire you to watch or re-watch some classics!

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JUNE 2020:

Check out our new article that has been published on our new 'Articles' page and remember to keep in touch with us on Social media.

JUNE 2020:

Our original feature film 'through a dark mirror' is now available on the following platforms: 
AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Vubiquity (Verizon Fios), Hoopla (libraries )

Google Play Movies
YouTube Movies

JUNE 2020:

We have just launched our new 'Articles' page and our first post is: How To Make A Feature Film In Lockdown (A Beginner's Guide). Please check it out here.

MAY 2020:

We have been filming our new feature film - Strangers and Neighbours which involves six characters struggling to cope with life under lockdown. Filmed by actors from within their own homes.  Starring Paul Dewdney, Laura Denmar, Eleni Skarpari, Rajpal Singh, Tilde Jensen and Mitchell Fisher.

MAY 2020:

Welcome to our newly launched social media pages. You can now follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We look forward to seeing you there!

APRIL 2020:

We have just launched our new website and will soon be relaunching all of our social media branding!

MARCH 2020:

 We were due to start filming our latest feature film, 'Daemon Mind' on March 20th at various London locations, but have now rescheduled for late July.


We have just completed our new comedy sketch show, 'A Sketchy Affair' which will be available on Audible this summer. The show consists of 5 episodes of sketches including several wild and wonderful recurring characters. Listen to the trailer: here 


Welcome to the new roaring twenties! We are working on our new 2020 vision for Peracals. To begin the new decade on a high, the first script in the Olympians film franchise has been completed - Hermes and the Blood of the Gorgons.

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