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APRIL 2022
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We are busy developing our new streaming and distribution site, which will be launching late summer 2022.

MARCH 2022

We are developing a new audio adaptation of Euripides, Medea which will be recorded in autumn 2022.

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We are preparing our new slate of audio plays which includes a selection of new writing alongside new versions of several classics including Euripides' 'Medea', Sartre's, 'No Exit

and Bulgakov's, 'The Master and Margarita.'

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We welcome to new additions to our team - Sorin Baluta who will be leading our Sales and Distribution division and Alice Marinina, who will be designing our artwork and promotional materials. 


Filming several scenes from Time To Dance To Time, which is part of our Nocturnes anthology feature series. Featuring Eileen Skopnik, Derek Nelson, Paul Dewdney, Wesley Sawan and Jay Flynn. Written and directed by Jason Fité. Filmed on location at St Anne's Church, Limehouse, London. 


Filming completed on our latest feature film, Dimension Slip. Written by Jason Fité and directed by Barbara Toschi. Starring Sophie Craig, Derek Nelson, Andrew Norman, Christian Blundell and Kierath Jandoo. Filmed on location in London and Surrey.

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8th - 12th: Rehearsing and recording our original audio-play, Between Two Worlds, adapted by Penny Black, based upon the book by Maggie La Tourelle, directed by Jake Murray and starring Juliet Stevenson (Truly Madly Deeply) Jane Lapotaire (The Crown) Edmund Dehn, Jo Hartland and Johnnie Fiori.

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6th - An exclusive screening of three of our films as part of the Kingston Arts Festival followed by a special Q and A with writer-director Jason Fité. 


Pre-production started for our next feature film, Dimension Slip. A sci-fi, murder-mystery this is the feature film directorial debut of Barbara Toschi who has previously produced several of Peracals' feature projects. Shooting in London in November/December 2021.

AUGUST  2021

Updated info pack for our Eden Falls series created. Set in an exclusive psychiatric institution, Eden Falls chronicles the tumultuous lives and relationships of the staff and clientele as they struggle to confront the psychological traumas which threaten to overwhelm them. 

JULY  2021

Writing started on the feature length pilot episode of our historical series, The Heroes. The episode/ film is entitled The Eye of the Storm and involves three entwined lifelines which chronicle the rise of the first human civilisation, the unknown decisive battle of World War One and the rise of a criminal empire in 1920's New York. 

JUNE  2021
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The teaser trailer for our forthcoming feature film, Daemon Mind is released.

Watch it here.

MAY  2021

Recording four episodes of our comedy audio series, Preston Undercover at our studio in Kingston. The episodes were 'Hooked on Classics', 'Operation Kendall Mint Cake', 'A Large Medium' and 'Down the Rabbit Hole of Reality'. Huge thanks to our uber-talented actors.

APRIL  2021

'1914 - An Adventure in Time' is the next audio project that we are recording this month. We look forward to sharing this with you on Amazon Audible and in our online Store soon!

MARCH  2021
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Just finished our latest audiobook masterpiece 'All Our Tomorrows' starring Andrew Baguley and Emma Wilkinson-Wright.

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'Ghosts of the Wasteland' a short film was shot in various locations in the City of London on a very cold night. Taking advantage of the completely empty London streets we were able to capture a unique sense of isolation and desolation as the narrator searches the streets for the ghost of his lost love.


Peracals have now partnered with Work for Good which allows us to donate a percentage of our profits to charitable causes. 10% of the sales of 'Door To The River' will be donated to the homeless charity, Shelter.

JANUARY 15 2021

Jason Fité's new novel, 'Door To The River' published on amazon and is available in paperback and kindle formats and is available in our store as an e-book.


Our original audio-play, 'God - the Untold Story' is now available on amazon and Audible. In this comedic reworking of the Old Testament, God appears on a popular chat show and gives his version of the events of the Bible.


Recording our audio-play, 'Rossetti' by Suzanne Arnold and featuring Andrew Baguley as Gabriel Rossetti and Emma Wilkinson Wright as Christina Rossetti. 

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Our third film of the year is the metaphysical horror-comedy short, 'The Horror, the Horror', directed by Lachlan Smith, written by Jason Fité, produced by Barbara Toschi and starring Mitchell Fisher, Sophie Bloor, Flash Sawyer and Rikki Stone. Filmed on location in High Wycombe. More details coming soon...


We have spent most of this month in our audiobook recording studio working with a selection of outstanding voice talent to bring some of our audio pieces to brilliant life. These include 'King of the Castle', 'All Our Tomorrows' and the biblically epic, 'God - The Untold Story'


That's a Wrap! We've just finished filming our latest feature film, 'Daemon Mind', starring Acha Septriasa, Jasmine Blackborow, Zephryn Taitte and Sam Marks. It's been such a pleasure to work with such a talented team. Huge thanks to everyone! Pics and info available here and more updates coming soon.

AUGUST 2020:
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No rest for the wicked. After having just finished our lockdown feature, 'Strangers and Neighbours', ,we jumped straight into rehearsals for our next feature - 'Daemon Mind' - a psychological horror starring Acha Septriasa.

JULY 2020:

We are happy to announce that we recently finished filming our feature film, 'Strangers and Neighbours'.It's been a great experience and we look forward to sharing the finished film with you soon!

JULY 2020:
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Norman, one of the characters from 'Strangers and Neighbours' is a cinema obsessive and has given us a list of his favourite films along with a brief description of why he chose them and what they meant to him. Enjoy them here. 

JUNE 2020:
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JUNE 2020:

Our original feature film 'through a dark mirror' is now available on the following platforms... (US only)


JUNE 2020:

We have just launched our new 'Articles' page and our first post is 'How To Make A Feature Film In Lockdown (A Beginner's Guide)'. Please check it out here.

MAY 2020:

We have been filming our new feature film, 'Strangers and Neighbours' which involves six characters struggling to cope with life under lockdown. Filmed by actors from within their own homes.  Starring Paul Dewdney, Laura Denmar, Eleni Skarpari, Rajpal Singh, Tilde Jensen and Mitchell Fisher.

MAY 2020:
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Welcome to our newly launched social media pages. You can now follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We look forward to seeing you there!

APRIL 2020:
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We have just launched our new website and will soon be relaunching all of our social media branding!

MARCH 2020:

 We were due to start filming our latest feature film, 'Daemon Mind' on March 20th at various London locations, but have now rescheduled for late July.


We have just completed our new comedy sketch show, 'A Sketchy Affair' which will be available on Audible this summer. The show consists of 5 episodes of sketches including several wild and wonderful recurring characters. Listen to the trailer: here 


Welcome to the new roaring twenties! We are working on our new 2020 vision for Peracals. To begin the new decade on a high, the first script in the Olympians film franchise has been completed - Hermes and the Blood of the Gorgons.