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'She has returned!

My Lizzie has returned to me!'

A drama based on the later life of Pre-Raphaelite poet and artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

GENRE: Drama


STATUS: Coming soon

Starring: Andrew Baguley, Catherine Field,

Eileen Skopnik, Richard Skopnik, Rikki Stone

and Emma Wilkinson-Wright.

Writer: Suzanne Arnold

Director: Jason Fité

Producer: Jason Fité and Eileen Skopnik

Editor: Richard Skopnik

Recorded in Kingston Upon Thames, 2020/2021


Story Synopsis



Poet and artist, Gabriel Rossetti has become a reclusive, laudanum addict and is tormented by visions of his dead wife and muse, Lizzie Siddal. His sister, Christina fears he is losing his sanity.


He is preyed upon by conman and blackmailer, Charles Howell who supplies him with laudanum and is intent on manipulating Rossetti into recovering the poems that were buried in Lizzie's grave. 


The moment I set eyes on you, my destiny was defined.'




Charles Howell actually persuaded Rossetti to exhume Lizzie’s body, an act which haunted the artist until his death.


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