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Strangers and Neighbours





‘I feel like I'm in a film about the
end of the world’
GENRE:  Drama.
STATUS: Completed.
Filmed in April - June 2020
Starring: Mitchell Fisher, Laura Denmar, Paul Dewdney, Tilde Jensen, Rajpal Singh, Eleni Skarpari. Please see our CAST page.
Writer & Director: Jason Fité
Producer: Barbara Toschi
Editor: Lachlan Smith
DISTRIBUTION: Available on our filmstore


Filming was spread over the first six weeks of the UK lockdown and involved the actors filming themselves from their own homes using smartphones/ webcams etc.

The actors were encouraged to improvise as much as possible and bring their own experiences and observations to the project.


‘I dream that I’m awake and I’m going through my daily life which is just... nothing... and then I wake up again and I’m not sure if I’m still dreaming.‘

Story Synopsis



Six individuals who live in the same block of flats but have never met create an online support group for people struggling with living in isolation.


They post video diaries over the course of the first six weeks of the lockdown, sharing their experiences and documenting the emotional and psychological affect the Corona Crisis has upon them.




The original idea was suggested by a friend, Alice Marinina, who thought it would be interesting to create a story revolving around a group of characters living in isolation for several weeks during the pandemic, and how they interact with each other, and cope with the uncertain times and the stresses of this strange new way of living.


The story evolved to explore the psychological impact caused by the Covid Crisis and to show each character's journey as they struggle to adjust to life in lockdown. As a writer this allowed a unique opportunity o create a chronicle of a very specific situation, but one which affected every single person on the planet.


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