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‘Now get out there and die like you're meant to!’
GENRE:  Metaphysical Comedy Horror. Part of the Nocturnes mystery anthology
STATUS: Filmed  in November 2020.
Available in the Peracals filmstore here

Story Synopsis



A dark night in a dark forest and five teenage friends are relentlessly pursued by a crazed axeman. He claims his first victim in a bloodied frenzy.


The remaining survivors have to find a way of staying alive - they can either flee to the safety of the abandoned cottage or they can admit that their predicament is far more dangerous and bizarre than they could ever have believed. 


'I can do what I want. I created them. I am their God.’


Starring: Sophie Bloor, Mitchell Fisher, Ben Mansbridge, Nimisha Odedra, Flash Sawyer and Rikki Stone.
Director: Lachlan Smith 
Writer: Jason Fité
Producer: Barbara Toschi
Editor: Lachlan Smith 
Cinematography: Tim Jolly 





- The title, 'The Horror, The Horror' is a reference to the line from Joseph Conrad's 1899 novella - Heart of Darkness. It is also famously quoted in Apocalypse Now where it is spoken by the dying Colonel Kurtz as portrayed by Marlon Brando.
- Actor Mitchell Fisher who plays Todd, also stars in the feature film Strangers and Neighbours, as well as playing the main character Preston in the Audio comedy series Preston Undercover.
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