GENRE: spoof documentary.

FORMAT:  6 x 25 mins episodes per Season.

PRODUCTION STATUS: The first two Episodes (Society of Secrets and Inside the Gnome Liberation Army) and a feature length episode (Bernie Davis – Plumber and Exorcist) have been written.

VISION: Despite its satirical direction and quirky humor, the series is also intended to work as a strong narrative and character driven comedy, focusing on the lives of a selection of "losers" and their misguided but idealistic beliefs.

Preston himself, although verbose and occasionally megalomaniacal, is a person who cares passionately about what he does and genuinely believes himself to be the world’s greatest living investigative journalist.


REFERENCES: Alan Partridge/The X-Files/The Prisoner/Garth Meringhi’s Dark Place/ Douglas Adams/Phillip K Dick


Starring: Derek Parry, Alexander Tol, Mark Burgess, Lara Gallagher, Rikki Stone, Eileen von Skopnik, 

Written & Directed: Jason Fité

Produced: Eileen von Skopnik

Edited & Mastered: Richard von Skopnik

Recorded in Kingston Upon Thames,

London 2019/2020


Story Synopsis


In this sometimes literally groundbreaking series, Clive Preston, three times winner of the coveted Doccy©®™ award risks assassination, cannibalism and potential brain-arranging to bring you the disturbing truth about our modern world.

With no regard for his own safety or that of those around him, the intrepid Preston infiltrates and immerses himself in some of the most sinister, strange and secretive organisations in the world today and yesterday.


Preston is thrown out of journalism night college after producing evidence that the government are planning to build a twenty-foot-high wall around Britain.


He finds himself disowned by his peers and the journalistic establishment. After hitting rock bottom, he is contacted by the mysterious ‘Source’ who hires him to uncover ‘the ultimate truth about everything'.


His truth-sade begins...


'A society so secret that many of its own members are unaware of its existence.'


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