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Episode  Guide




Episode 1: Inside the Gnome Liberation Army


Preston exposes the persecution that dares not speak its name and joins an underground movement determined to fight for gnome emancipation. Preston meets their courageous leader, Jeremy - AKA Gunner Flynn and follows this elite fighting force through their rigorous training campaign. Gaining their trust, he is allowed on several of their daring raids on suburban gardens where the G.L.A. liberate abused gnomes from their hellish captivity.


The G.L.A. prepare to go into battle with the ultimate gnome nemesis, the multimillionaire tampon tycoon, Byrona Deluxe who has dedicated her life to the humiliation and destruction of garden gnomes.

Image by Sarah Brink
Episode 2: The Society of Secrets


‘A society so secret that many of its own members are unaware of its existence.’


Preston becomes a journalistic Grail knight on a quest for the truth behind the Society of Secrets. Making contact with the mysterious Baron von Shrapnel III and his Teutonic slave-man, Wolfgang, Preston is initiated into the society the Freemasons wish they could be.


Finally accepted into the secret brethren, he is told the staggering truth about the real lineage of the holy bloodline and the origins of the human race itself. The Baron is then kidnapped by the Men In Black before he can reveal the ultimate truth...

Fortune Telling Cards
Episode 3: Hooked on Classics


Preston explores the murky criminal underworld which revolves around illegal classical music trafficking. Posing as a typical Amadeus addict, Preston is able to score some pure Mozart from a dealer on a street corner. Later, he films secret footage of an illegal Verdi rave in a field in Hampshire where hundreds of classical ravers (cravers) are twisting their lemons to DJ Delius.


Preston’s investigations lead him to The Maestro who has climbed his way out of the

Streatham badlands to become the new Bling King of String. We follow the white-suited Maestro’s irresistible rise to power as he ruthlessly eliminates the competition and his descent into musical megalomania, as The Maestro starts using his own supply and soon becomes hooked on hardcore Wagner.

Opera singer
Episode 4: Operation Kendall Mint Cake


The Apocalypse Now of investigative documentary. Preston goes deeper undercover than anyone has ever dared go before. Cunningly disguising himself as a typical Rambler, he joins the Guildford International Trekkers (GIT) - a hard-core hiking group who have broken away from the main Ramblers Association. They are led by the dedicated Kevin Arnold – top Rambler and bobble-hat enthusiast.


Unbeknownst to Kevin, the group has been infiltrated by two members of the Russian Mafia who are using the group as a front to smuggle Super Viagra. The GIT set out on a two day hiking trip in the Pennines. Preston secretly films the Russians as they plot to murder Kevin...


Episode 5: A Large Medium


‘He awoke the following morning in a pool of someone else’s blood.’


Preston goes over to the dark side. In the interest of investigative journalism Preston volunteers to spend Halloween in one of Britain’s most statistically haunted houses.  Joining him is the rotund and supernaturally sensitive Dr. Sandra Sophocles, the terminally sarcastic, Dean Stanton and a team of university para-psychologists. The group are completely cut off from the outside world for the night and all mobile phones are reluctantly given up.

Preston decides to use a ouija board to contact the undead and to liven things up. Dr Sophocles leads the séance and claims that a multitude of spirits are queuing up to make contact. Each of the group is contacted by a spirit who reveals a dark secret about their past.

Episode 6: Down the Rabbit Hole of Reality


Still suffering from ghost traumatic stress syndrome, Preston impersonates his eighty-year old grand-father and has himself admitted to the J B Priestley Care Home for Poets, Philosophers and Physicists. He gradually begins to recover from his ordeal, but then is contacted by ‘The Source’ who commissions him to discover the ultimate nature of reality.


Preston enlists the help of his ‘fellow retirees’ including Rabbi White Professor Flamel who each provide him with a bewildering and contradictory version of reality. Preston soon begins to wonder if he really exists.


A series of enigmatic clues lead him to discover a labyrinth beneath the care-home into which he leads the retirees on a quest for ultimate truth. After solving a series of bizarre puzzles that lead him to the centre of the labyrinth, Preston is confronted by a closed door…

Feature Episode: Bernie Davis – Plumber and Exorcist 


Preston follows Bernie Davis (late 50s) and his lovesick assistant Kevin (17) as they go from house to house, unblocking drains, fixing burst pipes and battling unruly spirits.


After an emergency call-out the team arrive at the Cavendish Estate, a place so eerie that even Preston’s skepticism begins to waver. Lady Helen, the owner of the estate explains that her son has been dabbling in the occult and has inadvertently summoned a spirit claiming to be the Devil himself.


Initially, Bernie is more concerned about the poor drainage and Preston is more interested in the eccentric Cavendish family, but they soon become convinced of the seriousness of the situation when a powerful malevolent force possesses Preston. 



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