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'Blocked drains? Burst water pipe? Harassed by demonic forces? Call Bernie Davis - Plumber and Exorcist'


GENRE: Spoof documentary - supernatural comedy


STATUS: Proposed 2023 shoot.

Writer: Jason Fité

REFERENCES: What We Do In the Shadows/ Porridge/Ghostbusters

This is a feature length episode of our spoof documentary series, Preston Undercover.






Preston follows Bernie Davis and his teenage assistant Kevin as they go from house to house, unblocking drains, fixing burst pipes and battling unruly spirits.


After an emergency call-out the team arrive at the Cavendish Estate, a place so eerie that even Preston’s scepticism begins to waver. Lady Helen, the owner of the estate explains that her son has has inadvertently summoned a spirit claiming to be the Devil himself.


Initially, Bernie is more concerned about the poor drainage and Preston is more interested in the eccentric Cavendish family, but they soon realise the seriousness of the situation when the malevolent force  makes its true nature known.



'Have you found a corpse by any chance? It might be my Auntie Bernard.'


Production status
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