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Wooden Carvings in a Monastery




'Something is wrong. It feels like we are being tricked somehow.'

GENRE: Feature film.


In pre-production.

Due to be filmed in 2023


'I always seem to see the same images in my visions - the same faces and the same locations - figures moving across a strange landscape. When I find that place I know I will have found my home at last.'


Story Synopsis



A team of experts in strange phenomena are hired by a mysterious billionaire to investigate the forest of Mirradoor and discover the truth about its reputation as ‘the world’s strangest place.’

Doctor Hypatia Wong, a traumatised psychic is institutionalised after suffering  a breakdown while filming in a ‘haunted house.’ Kate Skonal leaves her office job when she feels compelled to write a book about the impossible coincidences which she encounters in her life. Professor Angelique Derby is refused a research grant which would allow her to study the mysterious forces she believes govern the Universe.


They are each convinced by enigmatic billionaire, Etta Rhodes to join her on an expedition into the forest of Mirradoor, a region with a long history of disappearances, strange sightings and odd occurrences.


Their guide is ex-soldier Sarah ‘Storm’ Penton who is determined to protect the Group at all costs. Back at the Control Room, UFO obsessive, Rikki monitors and records everything.

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