‘If you commit evil, if you associate with evil, the darkness will fill you up from the inside and it will devour you.’

GENRE:  Psychological thriller - Horror

STATUS: Original filming date - March 2020. Postponed during to Corona Crisis.


New estimated filming date: July 2020

Co-production with SilentD Pictures and in association with Bondit/Buffalo8

Starring: Acha Septriasa as Sarah

Writer & Director: Jason Fité

Producers: Djohnny Chen, Jason Fité and Barbara Toschi

Casting: Jemima McWilliams

Cinematography: Hugo Tickler

Editing: Lachlan Smith

DISTRIBUTION: Due for Indonesian theatrical release late 2020


Story Synopsis



Sarah is a brilliant, but deeply  traumatised neurotheologist who is investigating human consciousness. Experimenting with mental frequencies, she frees her inner Daemon which becomes her guide, adviser, and ultimately her accuser, as she embarks on a series of vengeful murders.

Daemon Mind is a story which explores the profound possibilities of human consciousness. It delves deep into the conflicted psyche of a young woman who is inspired equally by her need for revenge and her search for redemption.


​‘There is a door in our minds

and once it is opened...'




The Delphi Device is based on the ‘God Helmet’ which was developed by Michael Persinger.

The concept of the Daemon is several thousand years old. Anthony Peake’s exploration of the concept in his book, The Daemon was a great source of reference material.



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