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Daemon Mind Feature Film Press Release

Leading Indonesian actress, Acha Septriasa makes her English-speaking debut in  the psychological horror film, Daemon Mind.

Acha, who is one of the top stars of Indonesian cinema and a successful recording artist, has featured in over forty feature films where she typically plays the lead in romantic comedies. Her role as a vengeful neuroscientist in Daemon Mind marks a radical departure for her and shows her pushing her acting skills and career to the next level.

In Daemon Mind, Acha plays Sarah, a brilliant, but deeply traumatised neurotheologist, who, after the  mysterious  death  of  her brother,  dedicates  her  life  to  the  study  of  human consciousness. Experimenting with mental frequencies, she frees her inner Daemon, which becomes her guide, adviser, and ultimately her accuser, as she embarks on a series of vengeful murders.

Daemon Mind is a story which explores the profound possibilities of human consciousness. It delves deep into the conflicted psyche of a young woman who is inspired equally by her need for revenge and her search for redemption.

The concept of Daemon Mind was partly inspired by the Persinger Device or ‘God Helmet’ which  was  developed  by  scientists  to  create  a  spiritual  experience  in  test  subjects.  The Daemon or  inner  voice  is  a  phenomenon  experienced  by  numerous  historical  individuals including Socrates, Joan of Arc and Carl Jung.

Written and directed by Jason Fité (Mea Culpa, through a dark mirror), Daemon Mind is a co- production between Peracals Productions and Silent D Pictures made with the support of the BFI’s 
Film Fund awarding funds from the National Lottery.


It was filmed at various London locations in summer 2020 in the midst of the Covid crisis.

As well as starring Acha, Daemon Mind also features an incredibly talented mix of established and  up  and  coming  actors  including Jasmine  Blackborow,  Sam  Marks,  Zephryn  Taitte  and Aden Gillett.

"I am so thrilled and can’t wait to see Daemon Mind on the cinema screen. Daemon Mind gave me a chance to develop and play multiple roles and personalities, it allowed me to explore the character background of a  scientist with  a schizophrenic  diagnosis. It's  a  very  challenging journey to begin my international career with. Hopefully, the film will achieve a great result. It's been a tremendous collaborative experience working on this project. "
Acha Septriasa


“For me the greatest horror films have always been those that dealt with the monsters which dwell within the human mind such as ‘The Shining’ or ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Daemon Mind explores the themes of psychological terror and confusion and takes the audience on a journey into the darker side of human nature.
We were hugely privileged to have a cast and crew who were all at the top of their game and the finished film really reflects their level of commitment and idealism.”

Jason Fité

Daemon Mind is due for international theatrical release in spring 2021.



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