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 Sarah Thurston

(Acha Septriasa)


Acha was born Jelita Septriasa in Jakarta, Indonesia  and began her entertainment career as a model in 2004. Her first film role was a supporting role in 'Apa Artinya Cinta?' (What is the Meaning of Love?), in 2005 and she rose to fame the following year with the success of 'Heart', in which she starred opposite Nirina Zubir.

Jasmine Blackborow.jpg


(Jasmine Blackborow)


Jasmine trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and has predominantly worked in theatre. She made her screen debut in the BAFTA nominated Aamir (2017) directed by Vika Evdokimenko. 

Zephryn Taitte.jpg


(Zephryn Taitte)


Zephryn is an experienced stage actor but is mostly known for his role in the international award winning independent Web and TV series 'Brothers With no Game'; for which he received an industry nod and became Screen Nation's 'Favourite Actor' Award winner.

Sam Marks.jpg


(Sam Marks)


Sam Marks is an actor, known for Doctor Who (2005), Royal Shakespeare Company: Henry IV Part I (2014) and  Henry IV Part II (2014).

Verity Marshall.jpg

Dr. Isaacs

(Verity Marshall)


Verity Marshall is an actress known for her work on Press (2018), Black Mirror (2011) Me Before You (2016) and for her role as 'Helen Pidge' in the TV series Holby City (2019).



(Tilde Jensen)


Tilde is a Swedish actress based in London & Stockholm. She studied acting and directing at Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts. She played Amanda Knox in 'The Face of an Angel' as well as Jasmine in 'Strangers and Neighbours'.

Christian Lee Smith.jpg


(Christian Lee Smith)


Christian Lee Smith is an actor and editor, known for Nothing Remains (2019), Past Dark: Recon One (2017)

Thomas Dominique.jpg


(Thomas Dominique)


Thomas Dominique is an actor, known for Blood Drive (2017), Black Mirror (2011) 

Orlando Brooke.jpg


(Orlando Brooke)


Orlando Brooke is an actor, known for his work in the series The Inbetweeners (2008), The Song of Lunch (2010), Dancing in the Ashes (2012) 

James day.jpg


(James Day)


James Day is an actor, known his work in Creeped Out (2017), The Vanishing Time (2020) and for his role as Tom, in the British / Indonesian co-production Daemon Mind (2021).

Racheal Ofori.jpg


(Racheal Ofori)


Racheal Ofori is an actress, known for Guns Akimbo (2019), Artemis Fowl (2020) 

Aden Gillett.jpg

Joe Thurston

(Aden Gillett)


Aden Gillett is an actor, known for 'Shadow of the Vampire'(2000), 

The Foreigner (2017) and Ivanhoe

(1997). He is a renowned stage actor, having performed at the Old Vic, the Theatre Royal in Bath and The Royale Theater regularly. In 1994 he won "Theater World Award for Best Newcomer on Broadway"  

for his role "Gerald Croft" in J.B. Priestley's "An Inspector Calls", directed by Stephen Daldry

Ryan Cloud.jpg


(Ryan Cloud)


Ryan Cloud is an English actor, best known for playing the lead role Camber in the origin story 'Legend of Cambria' narrated by Colin Farrell. He trained in Bristol and received a first-class BA 

Abdoulie Mboob.jpg


(Abdoulie Mboob)


Abdoulie is a trained actor with a BA in Acting for film and TV fromthe Arts Educational School London. He is know for The Trespasser (2018) 


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