'Do you ever have deja vue?'

GENRE: Time-travel romance.

STATUS: Due for a summer 2021 release.

Starring: Ben Alborough, Andrew Baguley, Catherine Field, Derek Parry, Eileen Skopnik, Richard Skopnik, Rikki Stone, Alexander Tol and Emma Wilkinson-Wright

Written & Directed: Jason Fité

Produced: Eileen von Skopnik

Mastered: Richard von Skopnik

Recorded in London Bridge 2019/2020

INFLUENCES: Midnight in Paris. Somewhere in Time, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Alice in Wonderland.



Best Period Drama Screenplay - Monaco International Film Festival 2015


Story Synopsis



Emily, a young woman disillusioned with the modern world, meets the enigmatic Professor Wells, inventor of a time machine.


Offering to help the professor with his research, Emily steps inside the machine and travels back in time to the idyllic pre-war Oxford of 1914, where she falls in love with Alex, a young soldier. She also meets the Professor's father and TE Lawrence.


Over subsequent trips she becomes ever more attached to the past and the present becomes ever more insubstantial. 


Returning to her own time, Emily discovers that Alex dies in World War One. Despite the danger, Emily decides to return to 1914 to save Alex.



'Well, what would you think if a stranger on a park-bench told you he had just invented a time-machine?'




The name Emily was inspired by the young girl in 1970s children's programme 'Bagpus'.

The theory of time used in the story is partially inspired by Nietzche's concept of eternal recurrence. 



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