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' Tonight, your every desire will be satiated, your very dreams will come alive and dance before your eyes '

GENRE: Drama

STATUS: In development. Book completed.

INFLUENCES: The Phantom of the Opera, The Master and Margarita

Writer: Jason Fité



Songs include:

Springtime in London

The Devil Will Make You A Star

Darling Don't Die

Sometimes It's Good To Be Bad

The Endless Dream

Crime of the Century

And I Remember

You Will Be Mine

Tram Days

In the Wildlands


Story Synopsis



Daniel, a young musician, saves a young woman called Rachel from jumping into the Thames. This is the unusual beginning to their romance. However, overwhelmed by suicidal urges, Rachel eventually kills herself, leaving Daniel desperate and alone. Daniel vows to find Rachel again and commits suicide by throwing himself  in front of a train.

After awaking in Hell, Daniel discovers that the Devil has created his own cabaret show in an attempt to relieve his eternal boredom. He is then shocked to discover that Rachel has become one of the star performers in the Devil’s Cabaret.


Daniel encounters Aleister Crowley who is plotting to overthrow the Devil and seize control of Hell, before invading the world above. Exiled to the Wildlands, Daniel meets Cleopatra and together they attempt to defeat both Crowley and the Devil.


‘Memories forgotten for an age will return to haunt you upon this very stage. Welcome to the Devil's Cabaret'


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