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through a dark mirror


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‘Six murders – one connection’
GENRE:  Psychological thriller.
STATUS: Completed. Filmed on location in London April/May 2018.
Starring: Alexander Tol, Leonie Zeumer,
Peter Parker Mensah, Rikki Stone & Omar Fernandez.
Writer & Director: Jason Fité
Producer: Barbara Toschi
Cinematography: Hugo Tickler
Editor: Lachlan Smith
Music: Mirko Sangrigoli
DISTRIBUTION: Available to rent or buy.
UK: amazon
Peracals Filmstore
The book which Lincoln reads is a 1908 edition of ‘The Heroes’ by Charles Kingsley. The same book is also read by the Concierge in our short film ‘Mea Culpa’.
The Heroes is also the title of our original series of which through a dark mirror is a feature length episode. The characters seen in TADM also feature in The Heroes.

Story Synopsis



October 1992: Six otherwise healthy men all die of unknown causes at exactly the same time but in different locations.


The only link between their deaths is that they each paid £50,000 into the bank account of the mysterious Bryan Tyler the day before they died. He is arrested and taken in for questioning.

The entire story takes place within the claustrophobic confines of the police secure unit where Tyler is interrogated by the brutish and increasingly violent, DCI Dawson and the manipulative criminal psychologist, Dr Catherine Rhodes.


Also present are the gun obsessed, Officer Gore and the fifteen-year-old work experience student, Lincoln.


As the interrogation progresses it soon becomes apparent that Tyler had an ulterior motive for the murders – a motive which involves one of the interrogation team.


A complex game of psychological cat and mouse ensues.


‘Sometimes I see angels... and sometimes I see demons.’


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