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'The Devil has many disguises'


GENRE: Drama short film (23 mins)

STATUS: Completed. Filmed on location in London April/May 2018.

Starring: Sean Young (Blade Runner, Wall Street, Dune) as Sylvian, Leonie Zeumer as The Concierge & Paul Dewdney  as Mr. Castlin.​

Writer & Director: Jason Fité

Producer: Barbara Toschi

Cinematography: Hugo Tickler

Editor: Lachlan Smith

Music: Billy Jupp

DISTRIBUTION: Theatrical release in Los Angeles in summer 2019.



Winner of six awards:

- Best Short at the Monaco International Film Festival

- Jury Award at the Long Island International Film Expo.

- Best Actor in a Short Film: Paul Dewdney

- Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film: Leonie Zeumer

- Best Short Film Screenplay, Feel the Reel International Film Festival

- Semifinalist - Olympus Film Festival


Story Synopsis


After an attempt on his life, Mr Castlin, a powerful crime-lord wakes up in a mysterious hotel. 


The Concierge escorts him to the bar where he encounters the Devil and he is forced to justify the violent choices of his life and ultimately bargain for his soul.


'My only hypocrisy is pretending to be more wicked than I actually am.’



- The name Castlin is a combination of Castro and Stalin.

- The 'Hotel' is set in a eternal now where past, present and future all co-exist.

- The book the Concierge reads is 'The Heroes' which is the same book Lincoln reads in 'through a dark mirror'.

- The script was finished on Christmas Eve 2017, which is a nice synchronicity as the story is partly inspired by Dickens'  A Christmas Carol.



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