A Sketchy Affair - Season 1 - Episode 5 (Audio)

A Sketchy Affair - Season 1 - Episode 5 (Audio)


'A Sketchy Affair' - Episode 5 (Audio) - Is an original comedy sketch show consisting of 5x peculiar sketches, wrapped up in a deliciously, delightful package. This is the final episode and contains the following sketches:


- Mystic Babs: Episode 3

- Office Satanism

- Phones on a Train

- A Little Stain

- Going Downtown on Abbey: Episode 3


Running time: 14.08min


Starring: Ben Alborough, Emily Dilworth, James Haymer, Derek Parry, Rikki Stone, Eileen Skopnik and Alexander Tol


Edited by: Richard Skopnik

Recorded by: Tom Anderson and Talia Stone

Written by Jason Fité

Directed by: Jason Fité & Eileen Skopnik

Produced by: Eileen Skopnik

Recorded in Hammersmith & Kingston Upon Thames, London 2019/2020