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The Cardboard Exotics are a series of parodies by Benjamin Alborough that combine silly wordplay and an all-cardboard set with a reckless disregard for human life. The shows been running in various formats since 2017 and have toured up and down the country playing at vrious theatres and theatre festivals alike. Including, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where the comedic play duo received multiple praising accolades.

Cream Tea and Incest is the Jeevesian tale of London gentleman Eddie Spangler and his unflappable valet Jeffrey as the two tear across the countryside. Woe betwide anyone who gets in the way of their ultimate quest; to reunite Lord Wiggins with Emily Rhodes (so that Eddie's Rhodesian opium plantations might be protected from tax hikes).

Ricky Riddlegang and the Riddle Gang pays homage to how, since 1969, there has never not been a Scooby Doo. As the Riddle Gang traverse Uncle Eustace Riddlegang's Riddlegang Manor indiscriminately identifying inanimate objects as clues they discover that they have maybe not been the first Riddle Gang after all...

The Cardboard Exotics