God - The Untold Story (Audio)

God - The Untold Story (Audio)


God appears on a popular chat show and gives His version of the events of the Old Testament. A light-hearted interpretation of the Bible stories. 


After several centuries in retirement, God has decided to make a comeback and will be granting an exclusive interview to popular chat-show host, Binty O'Reilley.

In an attempt to put the Biblical record straight, God will give His version of the events of the Old Testament, as well as revealing some intimate details of his personal life and commenting on the state of the world in 2020.


This epically momentous event will feature special guests including King Solomon, Moses, and Mr. and Mrs. Unicorn.

Discover where God has been all this time and why He has decided to return now. 


Exclusive revelations include: How the dinosaurs were wiped out, the true hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant and how the Israelites accidentally invented surfing.


"The truth is, the story I am about to tell you, and it is the greatest story never told. Greater even than The Lord of the Rings - though hopefully a bit shorter."


Starring: Mark Burgess, Lara Gallagher, Derek Parry, Paul O'Neil, Eileen Skopnik, Michele Skopnik, Richard Skopnik, Rikki Stone and Alexander Tol


Writer and Director: Jason Fité

Editor: Richard Skopnik

Producer: Eileen Skopnik at Peracals Productions